Meaning of Accounting in Simple Words

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Books of Accounts

Debit-Credit & books of entry

Contents1 1.1 1.2 1.2.1 Journal1.2.1.1 The Ledger1.2.1.2 The Utility of Ledger1.2.2 Cash Book1.2.3 Sales Book1.2.3.2 Purchase Return Book1.2.4 Others daybook1.2.4.1 Purchase Book Books of Accounts- It means determining what transactions to record, i.e., to identify events that are to be recorded. It involves observing activities and selecting those events that are of a considered … Read more

Recording Transactions in Accounting

Recording of Transactions in Accounting

Contents1 Introduction of Recording Transactions in Accounting1.1 1. Understanding Recording Transactions in Accounting 1.2 2. Significance of Accurate Transaction Recording2 Key Elements of Transaction Recording3 Methods of Recording Transactions4 Best Practices for Effective Transaction Recording5 Common Mistakes to Avoid5.1 Process of Recording of Transaction in Accounting Introduction of Recording Transactions in Accounting In the realm of … Read more